Requesting an Account

Requesting a Calendar Account

UC Davis departments that sponsor multiple public events throughout the year and actively promote events on their websites are encouraged to utilize UC Davis Calendar Services.

By acquiring an account within the UC Davis calendar platform, departments can manage their own event calendar, in addition to viewing other public UC Davis calendars and events. This platform has a broad set of features, such as generating calendars for websites, managing event registration, submitting event forms, and cross promoting events within the UC Davis Campus Calendar network.

UC Davis departments may request a single account to be shared among staff. If a department is a unit of a broader department, there may already be an account shared across units. Before requesting a calendar account, we encourage you to check with your college, school or division’s head of communications. Also, you may want to see if your college has a submission form to add events through.

Contact to request an account or for consultation on how to best use the UC Davis Campus Calendar for your department or unit.

We recommended that interested departments send the following information along with their request:

  1. Your department name and if you report to another unit (e.g., college, school or division such as Student Affairs). In many of these cases we will help connect you to a calendar structure that is already in place.
  2. What types of events and roughly how many events a month you will be promoting.
  3. What kind of sub-calendars (if any) you may be considering.

The next recommended steps are the following:

1. Create a SYMPA email address.

Departments with multiple staff utilizing the Trumba calendars are requested to share an account.

Rather than utilize a personal email to represent a department calendar, we recommend the creation of a SYMPA email address (using a "Contact Us" list).

  • The name of the address can be as simple as
  • The SYMPA email address functions as the account login name and as a contact email for receiving notifications from Trumba.
  • Be sure to create a “Contact Us” SYMPA emailing list and include the email addresses of all staff sharing the Trumba account within the subscribers list.

2. Create main-calendar and sub-calendar names.

When creating an account, you may request to build a calendar structure that will best fit your event promotion process. All calendars are placed within the UC Davis network of calendars organized by “Top-Level Calendars” and “Sub-Calendars,” which are viewable to UC Davis Trumba account users.

Please note that the deletion of calendars is strongly discouraged and requires a decommissioning process, so we recommend starting off with a single calendar and deciding after usage and/or strong consideration if you would like to add an additional sub-calendar.

Examples of situations that call for the use of sub-calendars:
  • You will be promoting specific types of events on a frequent and long-term basis (e.g., monthly seminar series).
  • Your department contains multiple units that utilize Trumba for event promotion (e.g., College of Engineering and the different major departments).
  • You would like to present/promote a specific set of events on a webpage, where it can be subscribed to and separated from the rest of the events on the main calendar.

Inform us of your ideal event promotion process, so we can determine the most optimal calendar structure.

3. Create submission forms.

Submission forms can be created for main and or sub-calendars to make capturing events for your department an easy process of simply approving and/or making minor adjustments before publishing to your calendar. Submission forms help to keep management of multiple calendars sustainable as well as to reduce the number of needed native Trumba accounts. We will discuss this with you as part of your onboarding to the university calendar.