Learn About Licensing

Learn About Licensing


Since UC Davis first opened in 1908, we’ve been known for standout academics, sustainability and Aggie Pride as well as valuing the Northern California lifestyle. These themes are woven into our 100-plus-year history and our reputation for solving problems related to food, health, the environment and society.

Over the history of UC Davis, symbols, icons, traditions and trademarks have come to represent the UC Davis community. Decades ago the UC Davis Trademark Licensing program was established to ensure these marks and symbols are used properly.

Businesses wishing to utilize UC Davis trademarks should be aware of university trademark licensing policies and procedures.

Apply for license

Any person, business or organization with an interest in marketing products bearing the trademarks of UC Davis needs to first obtain a license through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). There are two types of licenses available with UC Davis offered through CLC, a Standard license, and an Internal license.

New applicants are evaluated by the UC Davis Trademark Licensing office. Evaluation criteria include the following: product quality, market potential, ability to meet social compliance requirements, existence of current licensees offering a similar product, product liability exposure, licensing experience and appropriate fit with the university’s image.

License review process

  • CLC review: After the required paperwork is submitted to CLC, the potential licensee and company information is sent to the university for review and approval.
  • University review: The university may require representative product sample(s). UC Davis will require that licensees are able to approximate PMS 295 blue and PMS 117 gold. We will also review the company information, the product and its quality, and make a decision on whether or not to approve the company as a licensee.
  • Decision notification: Approval (or disapproval) of the licensee by the university will be sent to CLC, who will notify the potential licensee of the decision.

If you would like more information on the licensing process prior to starting the application, please contact licensing@clc.com.

Initial costs

Costs associated with a standard trademark license include:

  • The initial application fee.
  • Advance fees.
  • Royalties: the standard royalty rate is currently 12% for sales to retail locations other than UC Davis Stores; 7.5% royalty rate for sales to UC Davis Stores.
  • Required liability insurance. Please contact your agent for a cost quotation.
  • Your membership fee to the Fair Labor Association. Please check the Fair Labor Association website for more information.
  • Purchase of “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” hangtags and hologram stickers.
  • For more information on costs visit the CLS website.

Code of conduct

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all UC Davis-licensed products are made in socially compliant factories and that all workers are treated fairly, we are members of both the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Our minimum, and nonnegotiable requirement, is that all UC Davis licensees seek and receive membership in the FLA and adhere to its code of conduct. In addition, UC Davis is part of the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensing, and all UC Davis licensees are required to sign the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensing document.

UC Davis trademarks

A trademark is a distinctive design, graphics, logo, symbols, words, or any combination thereof that uniquely identifies a business and/or its goods or services, guarantees the item’s genuineness, and gives its owner the legal rights to prevent the trademark’s unauthorized use.

Examples of trademarks

Trademarks can be displayed in many forms. The list below pairs a type of trademark with a UC Davis example.

  • Word (UC Davis)
  • Phrase (Go Ags)
  • Symbol (Running Horse)
  • Color (Blue and Gold)
  • Group of letters or numbers (UCD)

Official colors

The official colors of UC Davis are Aggie Blue and Aggie Gold.

  • For reproduction and embellishment purposes, please use the following:
    • Aggie Blue: This is a custom Pantone color. A chip can be acquired by contacting Strategic Communications. It is a color created by Pantone but does not exist in any Pantone book. All vendors who produce work for UC Davis should be given a custom Aggie Blue chip.
    • UNIVERSITY GOLD: Pantone 110
    • ATHLETIC GOLD: Pantone 4515
    • GREY: Pantone Cool Grey 4
    • Aggie Blue: Use PMS 295 or Navy
    • Aggie Gold: Use PMS 117

Style and branding guidelines

Use of UC Davistrademarks for merchandise must be consistent with the UC Davis Style Guide.

The UC Davis brand is built upon the strength of our identity. The way the UC Davis brand is expressed — its look, feel and tone — reflects what UC Davis is and aspires to become. The UC Davis brand website provides outlines and minimum identity standards required for university materials and logos, and provides guidelines that show how to work with various elements of the brand (fonts, patterns, photography, etc.)

Frequently asked questions and key information about UC Davis:

  • Location: Davis, California
  • Conference: Big West and Big Sky
  • Mascot: Gunrock
  • Founded: 1908
  • Enrollment: 35,000
  • Alumni: 249,000 +
  • Websites: ucdavis.edu, ucdavisaggies.com, health.ucdavis.edu
  • Licensing Agency: The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)
  • How do I access UC Davis graphics?
  • Active licensees in good standing are able to access UC Davis graphics through CLC.
  • How does UC Davis handle artwork submissions and reviews?
  • All licensee product designs must be submitted for review and approval prior to production, marketing or sales activities can begin. All product designs must be submitted via CLC’s Brand Manager 360 online portal. It is essential that licensees follow this procedure to ensure UC Davis trademarks are being used properly. During the week, we will respond to artwork approvals within three to five days.
  • What are UC Davis’ social responsibility requirements for licensees?
  • As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all UC Davis licensed products are made in socially compliant factories and that all workers are treated fairly, UC Davis follows the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensing. In addition, UC Davis is a member of both the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Our minimum and non-negotiable requirement is that all UC Davis licensees sign the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensing and seek and receive membership in the FLA and adhere to its code of conduct.
  • Can I sell my product on campus at UC Davis Stores?
  • While UC Davis Stores only sells licensed product, it is not obligated to sell the product of all UC Davis licensees. It is up to the licensee to market, sell and distribute its products within the distribution channels permitted within its license.
  • When are royalties due?
  • Please review your CLC Retail License Agreement to determine your reporting requirements. Royalties are due when the product is shipped.
  • What are the colors of UC Davis?
  • The official school colors are blue and gold. For UC Davis blue use pms 295, for UC Davis gold use pms 117, for UC Davis Athletics gold use pms 4515.
  • What qualifies as a trademark, logo or symbol?
  • Any mark, name, logo, symbol, nickname, abbreviation, word, mascot, slogan, insignia uniform or landmark that is associated with UC Davis and is distinguished from any other university, team or organization.
  • What is a licensee?
  • A licensee is a person, company or organization who has been granted the right, under legal agreement, to use UC Davis’trademarks.
  • Who must be licensed?
  • Any person, organization or business that wishes to use UC Davis’ name, logos, marks, indicia or verbiage on any product must have a license prior to production and distribution. This includes businesses that sell to university departments, campus organizations and student organizations that use the product for fundraising.
  • How long does it take for a licensee to obtain license approval from UC Davis?
  • A decision on any license request will depend on the nature and extent of the use being applied for, the number of trademarks involved, the number and diversity of products for which the trademark or trademarks will be used and other possible factors, such as whether the university believes there is a need to seek legal advice on the application. Please anticipate eight to 12 weeks for completion of the standard license application.
  • Do I have to submit artwork for approval?
  • Yes, always. Along with licensees that are producing items for retail sales, students organizations/club sports, university departments, and intercollegiate athletics must also submit artwork for approval. Licensees will submit all artwork through CLC’s Brand Manager 360 portal.
  • What does UC Davis do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?
  • UC Davis is committed to protecting and preserving its trademark rights. Any commercial use of university marks without a trademark license is addressed promptly, by legal action if necessary.
  • How can I tell if a product is officially licensed?
  • Look for the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” label or hologram. Retail licensees are required to include the CLC graphic, hangtag or holographic sticker with each licensed product. This serves as a notice to consumers that the merchandise is approved for sale by the university.

Questions? Please e-mail the Marketing department at marketing@ucdavis.edu