Privacy, Security and Legacy

Privacy, Security and Legacy

Losing access to a social media account not only is terrifying to your organization, but it could also mean that someone could go rogue and start posting on your organization’s behalf. 

  • Use a secure password service like LastPass to manage accounts, generate passwords and manage team access.

  • Use two-factor authentication on your accounts. 

  • Routinely update passwords (which can also help trim access from people). 

  • Use a service like Hootsuite so you don’t have to share account passwords to share the workload. 

  • Have a plan for passing down account access when a student or employee moves on. 

  • Immediately remove students and employees as administrators from accounts when they move on. Update passwords at this time.

  • Save ALL account information (email, phone, password) in a secure password service (can be added as a record or note within the service).

  • Do not use dummy social media accounts. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are automatically closing accounts they suspect as dummy accounts, resulting in folks getting locked out of your account.