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Outgrow the Expected


Find the UC Davis color palette here. Consistent use of the branding colors will create a subtle sense of harmony across communications channels and tactics. Out palettes include RGB, HEX and CMYK builds, all matched to Pantone color swatches. In addition to these builds, custom HEX/RGB builds have been created for tints of Aggie Blue and Aggie Gold in 10 percent increments.

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UC Davis logos are the primary identifiers of the university's academic and administrative units. There are formal conventions for unit marks at all levels of the institution. Disciplined use of this program ensures that each unit benefits from the reputation of the enterprise, and that the enterprise, in turn, shares in the credit for the great work being done throughout the UC Davis community.

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The official UC Davis fonts are Proxima Nova, Ryman Eco and Freight Text. Learn more about these fonts and where to acquire them in this section.

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Design Elements

In addition to our marks, fonts and colors, we have brand-specific graphic assets that lend depth and flexibility to our visual program. These include type treatments (called settings), linework, illustrations and watercolor brush strokes.

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It’s not just what you say. It’s also how you say it. Here we dive into the core positioning of UC Davis and how it translates into messages that can be modulated to resonate with key audiences.

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There is great photography and then there is on-brand photography. Understanding how our brand informs the way we compose photos, light our subjects and crop our images will keep our communications consistent with our brand platform.

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