The UC Davis Seal

The unofficial seal of the University of California
The unofficial seal of UC Davis

The UC Davis unofficlal seal, or the UC Davis seal, is based on the unofficial seal of the University of California.

The UC seal can be identified by "1868" centered at bottom. The UC Davis unofficial seal replaces "1868" with "Davis."

All seals in the UC system are derived from the official seal of the University of California, which is reserved exclusively for use by the Regents of the University of California. All other derivative seals — even the seal used by the Office of the President — are considered unofficial seals.

The UC Davis Seal is the most formal asset in the UC Davis identity architecture. It is reserved for chancellor-level communications and official acknowledgment of courses completed or work performed at UC Davis.

No seal should be used on materials such as letterhead, research posters, branded items, etc. Parts of our institution outside of the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost are required to use their respective organizational letterhead for most communications.

The UC Davis seal must not be recreated or acquired from a web page.

Official UC Davis policy

Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) 310-65 and 310-40

Authority over the use of the seal is delegated to each campus chancellor, laboratory director or senior vice president of administration.

PPM 310-65 Section III, subsections D and E.
D (see May 3, 1985 memorandum) grants the delegation of authority
E limits that authority: The seal can only be used on official corporate materials

PPM 310-40 outlines the role of Strategic Communications in “establishing and maintaining graphic, editorial, and marketing standards for print, electronic, and broadcast communications; ensuring that campus publications conform to campus policy and standards . . . ”

Allowed applications of the UC Davis unofficial seal

The Offices of the Chancellor and Provost have right to discretionary use of the UC Davis seal. Other allowed cases are listed below.

Any use not listed here is against UC Davis policy.

  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Transcripts
  • Official awards
  • Business cards
  • Strategic Communications is working with deans and vice chancellors on a full list of approved uses of the seal.