video producer filming students against green wall

Interview Tips

Top 10 Interview Tips

Here are some suggestions when conducting an interview with someone on camera.

1. Use a tripod.

2. Use manual focus/exposure, if possible.

3. Look for any audio and visual distractions in the background, e.g., computer, traffic.

4. Use a good microphone and monitor sound levels as you shoot.

5. Direct your subject — the way you ask a question often dictates the tone of the answer.

6. Keep eye contact with your subject.

7. Keep your nonverbal cues nonverbal.

8. Ask your subject to tell you stories with their answers.

9. Think about a beginning, middle and end to the story/interview.

10. Wait for the answer … after the answer. An awkward pause after a question often prompts the subject to “fill the space,” and give an unexpected answer.