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Faculty and Staff Communication Training

Monthly Communications Training

In this half-day workshop, you’ll learn the basics of crafting your message with a focus on hands-on practice in conversations with media, policymakers, funders, donors, alumni and other public audiences. This training is held at Mrak Hall the first Friday of every month 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The cost is $100, which is recharged to the faculty/staff member’s appointed department of choice. The training is open to faculty first, with a limit of 10 participants per workshop. For questions and/or registration, contact Dianne Stassi.

For faculty who have taken the monthly communications training, the following specialty trainings are available:

On-Camera Training

This session focuses on practicing message delivery on-camera. Each participant will have a sit-down interview with an instructor playing the role of a TV reporter. The interview will be recorded and replayed during the session to get feedback from the participants and instructors. We will have at least two rounds of interviews so participants can practice their message delivery and pivoting to their key message points.

Social Media Training

This session focuses on helping you navigate social media to better communicate your messages and reach your audiences. Participants will learn about the core values of social media, how to effectively listen online and about tactics for building an online presence. Participants will walk away with practical tips on how to maximize time spent on social media, the power of hashtags, and the elements of a good social media bio. This training focuses primarily on the individual use of social media, but the principles can apply to those looking at supporting their organization’s social media.

Communicating Challenging Topics in Polarized Times

This session will address how to navigate communicating about complicated, potentially controversial topics. Participants will learn how to communicate their messages effectively and will practice developing and communicating key message points. Participants will develop confidence in their ability to prepare for potentially challenging interviews, presentations or conversations.

Public Speaking and Presentation Training

This session focuses on mastering presentation development while utilizing storytelling, persuasive narrative and public speaking best practices. You will learn how to build an effective and compelling presentation in the tool of your choosing with a hands-on learning experience. You’ll learn what the most effective story structure of presentations and speeches look like and experience effective storytelling at its best. Here you will learn what it means to be labeled a “dynamic speaker” by understanding the key characteristics that make audiences rank you among the top tier of presenters.