News Resources

Crisis communications

News and Media Relations works with the Event and Crisis Management team to bring timely communications to the UC Davis community in the event of an emergency or crisis. The team works in the WarnMe system and with the Social Media and Web Services teams to send out alerts when needed. For information on crisis communications training or assistance with a potential issue, contact Melissa Lutz Blouin at

Public records requests

UC Davis and its faculty and staff are subject to the California Public Records Act, which allows members of the public and the media to request documents from the institution. News and Media Relations staff work with the Office of the Campus Counsel on media requests for records. To learn more about public records requests, visit the faculty resource guide or the frequently asked questions page.

Samples of News Vehicles

UC Davis departments often need to prepare news releases and advisories for their use or for News and Media Relations to distribute. Attached are samples of an event advisory, a science news release and a social science news release with easy-to-follow formats. News vehicle samples are attached.

Monthly news meetings

News and Media Relations holds monthly meetings for communicators in the colleges, schools and units. To learn more about these meetings please contact Melissa Lutz Blouin at

Audio/TV studio

Academic Technology Services in Surge II operates a television studio and audio studio that can be used for live and recorded interviews with media outlets such as CNN, PBS, NPR, Fox News or others. ATS charges fees to external users for this service and availability is subject to demand. These studio facilities are usually only available during normal working hours. For more information visit the ATS website or call 530-752-2133. News and Media Relations can facilitate booking.