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Social Media

The UC Davis social media philosophy boils down to four key values: Listen to our community. Engage meaningfully. Nurture an authentic and positive community culture. Share what we learn back to our community.

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The UC Davis web experience should be accessible, usable, searchable and sustainable. Our strategies focus on traffic and engagement, while cultivating the best user experience we can craft.

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Get access to UC Davis graphics, B-roll and resources for music and stock footage. Here you'll learn how to add closed captions to your video. Find resources to help with interviews as well as storytelling tips.

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Capture photos that are authentic to the UC Davis experience. Whether you're an avid photographer or just starting out, find helpful tools here to create or find the right images for your projects. Follow these guidelines when using research lab photography versus stock photography.

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The UC Davis News and Media Relations team is the primary channel through which stories are presented to internal and global audiences. The news team works collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and other communicators, gathering the best resources available to tell the stories of UC Davis.

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Executive Communications

Find resources for communicating about the UC Davis chancellor and provost. Learn how to properly use executive photos and speaker request information.

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Any person, business or organization with an interest in marketing products bearing the trademarks of UC Davis need to obtain licenses through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). Learn more about retail and university brand standards and which trademarks UC Davis owns and protects.

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