Photography Collection

UC Davis Photography Collection

UC Davis Photos is the online campus photo collection. This versatile collection of campus stock photography is for general use by the campus community. Images include campus scenes, buildings, events and classroom and laboratory environments. High-resolution images may be downloaded for free to use on the web or in publications, reports and presentations.

For the best experience, we recommend that you read the following information on how to search and create lightbox pages before you log into UC Davis Photos.

New to UC Davis Photos?

UC Davis users can log in using their UC Davis Login ID and Kerberos passphrase. External vendors and other users can create an account using the “Register” link on the Photos collection homepage.

How to find an image using search

Find files by clicking Galleries in the top navigation (and then using the left navigation to travel through nested levels). Or, use the Search function in the top navigation to look for a specific image. The photo collection combs caption information and keywords.

If you choose the Search function, enter your search term(s) using the Keywords box. The photo collection indexes the information found in the filename plus file IPTC metadata like Description/Caption, Title, Keywords, City, State and Country.

Don’t forget to enter your search parameters. The search is an “AND” search and will require all the fields you list to present results. If the search doesn't return results, try entering fewer fields or toggling the Find Results field at the bottom of the page.

Search tips

  • Use “&” to find files that contain both words: image & photo
  • Use “|” to find files that contain either word: image | photo
  • Use “-” to find files that contain “image” but not “photo” image -photo
  • Use “(” and “)” to group parts of the search (photo | photograph) image
  • Use quotes to match a phrase “the best photo”
  • All of these may be combined: “the best photo” & (portrait | travel) photographer
  • To refine your search further, click “Refine Search” at the top left corner after the results of a search are displayed

Viewing and downloading files

Please note: your ability to download certain size files might be limited for your login (or the password you were given).

Once you’ve found the image you want, click on its thumbnail to view it. From the single file view, you’ll be able to see more information about the file, such as filename, copyright, file size, caption and keyword.

To download an individual file, click the Download icon on the bottom right of the Gallery thumbnail view or the single file view. Then, select the size of the file you’d like to download.

Batch downloads:

You can simultaneously download multiple files from the thumbnail view:

  • Click Download in the lower right corner. 
  • Select the individual files you’d like to download, or, click Select All at the bottom left to download everything in the gallery.

Learn how to share a Lightbox

Terms of use

These groups may use the images in the photo collection free of charge:

  • UC Davis faculty, staff, students for noncommercial purposes in campus websites or print publications.
  • News media (for more information, contact Strategic Communications at 530-752-1930 or
  • Other public agencies for noncommercial purposes.

How to use these photos:

Include photographer credit and copyright information provided (e.g., Karin Higgins/UC Davis). Metadata, including information such as copyright, photographer’s name, date and basic caption information, is embedded with each image file. All images in this collection are copyright © Regents of the University of California, Davis campus. All rights reserved.